JPX668 Main Distribution Frame
The third generation MDF products, JPX668 insulation displacement connection equipment , are designed by our company. It contains Main Distribution Frame(single and double installation) and Distribution Box and so on. There are tens of specifications. The structure of product is simple and lively. Protector's type is integrated protection.
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Product Details

The product has following features:

1.High density, small size; make good use of limited space to increase capacity; suitable for not only machinery rooms modification, but also machinery rooms with limited space
2.Asymmetric wire-running slot design which can contain a pair of voltaic wires, is convenient for modification and cutting
3.Double-clamp terminals with good protective and electric performance
4.Mp 18 pots splitter doubled and economically increase broadband wiring capacity
5.Sole wiring board, convenient for deployment of capacity change
6.Front side operation for wire jumping testing and protector inserting; convenient for construction and maintenance
7.Serial numbers clearly identify in-out lines
8.Inner terminals guarantee operators' safety
9.Over-current and over-voltage protectors with four-grade alarm indications give alarm in case of emergency, and check problems quickly,
10.Good compatibility and flexibility with other kinds of MDF products
11.Remote concentration monitoring and alarming interface ports; Can be on unmanned duty



DC spark over voltage: 230 V (+30/-40) V at 100kV/sec
Impulse spark over voltage: ≤ 400v(at 1kV/μs)
Impulse discharge current: 100 A minimum at 10/1000 micro second waveform
(300 discharges in intervals of 3 minutes each)
Current turn-off time: ≤ 30ms at 100A , 10/1000 micro second waveform
Nominal alternating discharge current: 10A (rms), 50 Hz, duration 1 sec.
(5 discharges in intervals of 3 minutes each)
Insulation resistance: 1000 MΩ minimum at 100 VDC
Capacitance at 1 KHz: 200 pF Max.



1.The C.T. block is of 100 pair type consisting of 10 C.T. modules. 10 pairs of terminal tags each C.T. module. The C.T. blocks are mounted on the mounting rack of MDF.
2.Each C.T. module and terminal pair marked with numbers. The pair number of exchange side CT. module is from 1 ~ 9 on each module, and that for the cable terminal module may be 1~10.
3.Two-sided connection terminal tag (contact elements), one for termination of cable and other for termination of jumper wire.
4.Each C.T. module with guide for jumper wire. The wire guiding channel free of sharp edges and easily accommodate all the jumper wires in that module.
5.Use special insertion tool for Cable termination .
6.The terminal modules made of high insulation low moisture absorption, flame retardant, high impact strength material with high resistance to physical and solvent stresses. The fire retardancy of all incorporated plastic parts conforms to the GB4609FV-Class 0.
7.Surface treatment: The surface of frame and outer case have been processed by paint of plastic-spray to tasteful appearance.

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