Transmission impedance of MPX 106C Digital Distribution Frame is 75Ω.It is applicable to distribution and connection between ports of digital transmission equipment, or ports between digital transmission equipment and program-controlled exchange equipment, and the transmission rate of these ports should be lower than 155Mbit/s. It enables the digital-signal circuit group to carry out the functions such as wire adjusting, switchover, and monitoring, etc.
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Product Details


1.It adopts steel-structure or aluminum-alloy framework, and its surface is coated with electro static sprayed plastics, ensuring elegant appearance.
2.There is a large wiring space inside the frame, ensuring clear and esthetic cabling.
3.Modular unit can be turned over for 90 °, and it is easy to carry out cable terminating.
4.Coaxial connector is made of beryllium bronze or tin-phosphor bronze, and the thickness of gold coating on contact surface is greater than 2μm. With lower contact resistance of inner/ outer conductor, ensuring reliable connection.
5.Modular structure ensures convenient box/frame combination.
6.Distribution frame may be fitted with door and side panel so as to act as distribution cabinet.
7.It has test port to realize on-line test. Ensuring convenient and flexible monitoring and maintenance.
8.It has reliable working earthing and protection earthing.
9.Compatible with equipment manufactured by Siemens.

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