MPX106A-1 Digital Distribution Frame
MPX106A-1 product is used for distribution between digit reusing facilities and between digit reusing facility and exchanger. Its transmission impedance is 75Ω.The MPX106A-1 is used for distribution and connection of digital terminal equipment or exchanger whose transmit rate is below 2-155Mbit/s.It can dispatch,transit and test digital signal of circuit.
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Product Details


1.The frame has high quality steel rolling and static spray coating on the surface,and has nice appearance.
2.Semi- open narrow frame structure,spacious room for wire-running,cables are in good order and pleasing.
3.Beryllium bronze or tin-phosphor bronze plated surface of the coaxial connector,the thickness of gold plated layer is more than 2um,inner and outer conductiors are low contact resistance,fine connection.
4.Two frames can be installed side by side or back to back.
5.Back floor is installed by the spring buckle,easy to remove. Having test ports..products can be tested online,convenient to test and maintain.
6.New type of high density cell, capacity is double than the conventional DDF.
7.Compatible with NEC equipment.

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